Graduation Shows & Fashion Shows

Graduation Shows Fashion Shows

We unleash the hypnotic talents of the students. AIFTians showcase their work at an international platform.

AIFT’s Students’ Graduation Fashion Show along with Ms. AIFT is held every year which showcases the collection of 2nd and 3rd year students. AIFT is the only college in India to provide such a solid platform to students to launch themselves in front of the world. Models in the show are India’s supermodels from Mumbai & Delhi and we also have international models from Brazil & Russia. We have a Celebrity Showstopper every year for the Students’ Show! Students are provided with the light, sound, music, stage, models and choreography by AIFT and students create their Collection.

The venues are the city’s best auditoriums. We are very particular about student welfare and AIFTians are provided with tea, lunch and dinner during run-throughs and the final day.

Students get hands on learning experience by doing their show practically and seeing the hard work that goes into making a successful show. They learn about problem solving by handling last minute problems which helps them in the real world because they are fully prepared for the industry.

AIFT is the only institution which gives a kick-start to the students’ career at such a level with eminent personalities in the audience which become direct clients. It takes people minimum 5 6 years, an ample amount of money, hard work and a team to put up a show of this level which AIFTians are provided while they are graduating.